When do you Quit?

Neverending Question!


When do you Quit?

The question I have been asked a good few times by different people and on different occasions is – When do you Quit?!

My answer is simple – NEVER.

Usually, people quit and leave very quickly if something is not going their way or if it is not achievable straightaway. It is easy to quit, turn around and walk away but the hardest thing is to stick with it and make it happen or work. It doesn’t matter if it is your work life, relationship, family or your love life you have to work on it daily and make sure that others can see it, understand it and appreciate it.

Many people quit because they doubt in themselves first or they overthink certain things and start asking the questions – What if?! Maybe I am not able?! I am not sure how?! Em I not good enough?! etc…
This doubt becomes their downfall, they lose the hope in their cause and decide to quit on potentially the best thing or situation that could have happened to them.



Of course, it does happen sometimes that you are pushed so far and you think it is impossible to go forward to succeed and you start doubting yourself and what you are doing, but you have to shake those feelings off and continue pushing on if you really want to make it happen and succeed.

I have learned from one old man that when it’s not going your way – you should stop, walk away for a bit, shake off the bad thoughts and energy around you and then when you are ready you should Try it Again and don’t give up so easily…
Great things usually come after the hard storm or as people back home would say “After the rain, there is always a rainbow”!




Please stop doubting yourself and don’t give up so easily. Continue fighting and pushing forward. Of course, if you need any help and I can be of assistance, please let me know.

Have a great week, month and year ahead… πŸ™‚



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