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New Venture

Digital Locker   New Venture – Good or Bad Idea? After spending some time in the marketing industry and working in different marketing roles, I have decided to start up a new digital marketing company by the name of Digital Locker, based in Limerick city. Digital Locker is a Digital Marketing Agency that embraces design and…

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Munster SME Business Summit 2014

Munster SME Business Summit     The idea behind the ‘Munster SME Business Summit 2014’ was to bring all of the SME’s in the Munster region together to exhibit their products and services to attendees and to connect and network between themselves. Beside the elements that had been organised for exhibitors, there was a lot…

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Preparation before the Performance

Preparation before the Performance   There are many ways to explain Preparation. If you Google it, these are the answers you will come up with: The action of making ready or being made ready for use. Something was done to get ready for an event or undertaking. Those are correct meanings of the word preparation. But I am…

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