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Is every beginning hard?

Is every beginning hard? After a long time, different jobs and opportunities I have started a new role as a Marketing Associate and Events Manager with a Start Up company based in Limerick.     I had butterfly’s feeling in my stomach on the interview morning. Felt bad and not confident enough as I was…

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Positivity   #Positivity fills my mind I have been using Twitter for over three years now, as it states on my profile and it has been fun. It took me a while to understand the way Twitter works. It is not hard anymore, but at the start, like everything else, it was a bit awkward…

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Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing      Repetition, repetition, repetition… Came upon a good article where the author explained why you should always practice and not give up easily. It made me so intrigued and I asked myself do I practice regularly and do I give up that easily?     I really liked this poster when I…

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