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Is every beginning hard?

Is every beginning hard? After a long time, different jobs and opportunities I have started with new role – Marketing Associate and Events Coordinator with a Start Up company based in Limerick. I had butterfly’s feeling in my stomach that interview morning. Felt bad and not confident enough. But I decided to come strong and…

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#Positivity I have been using twitter for over three years now, as its states on my profile and it has been fun. It took me awhile to understand the way Twitter works. It is not hard now, but in the start as everything else it was bit awkward till I didn’t get the grasp of…

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Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing  Came upon a good article where author explained why you should always practice and not give up easily. It made me so intrigued and I asked my self do I practice regularly and do I give up easily? I really liked this poster when I saw it, so had to share it… It…

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