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I have been using twitter for over three years now, as its states on my profile and it has been fun.

It took me awhile to understand the way Twitter works. It is not hard now, but in the start as everything else it was bit awkward till I didn’t get the grasp of it.

It is actually made to be very simple and easy.

You put the sentence together and then you press Tweet button – it is that simple.
When it is tweeted (message sent) all of your thoughts, ideas and every other way of expressing yourself are out there for others (your followers) to see it.

I won’t go into the details how the Twitter works, I would like you to give it a go if you didn’t do it by now and let me know your own thoughts about it.

Twitter offers many things and it has been improving all the time.

twitter & hashtagOne of the main things that represent the Twitter is a Hashtag#.

Hashtags are used to highlight the importance of certain words or subjects in the twitting sentence. This means when you put the # in front of the specific word, you are trying to highlight it or explain the meaning of that sentence.

Now we are coming to the point of this post and that is hashtag#Positivity.

I encountered this hashtag after I started following Mr. Greg Canty, who is a great Social Media and Marketing Entrepreneur and one of the co-founders of very successful Marketing and PR company – Fuzion.ie.

Of course other people have been using that same hashtag, but for me Greg was the first one I saw using this great and very interesting hashtag.

I had one of those “bad days”, few things didn’t go my way and I decided to take few minutes to browse around Twitter, when I came across one of Greg’s tweets with #Positivity in it and it made my day.
It was very simple but positive tweet that made me smile and that hashtag was stuck in my head.

Positivity in Bad TimesI have been inspired by that same hashtag so I have used it on twitter and other social media outlets, whenever I felt I have achieved something or just needed to cheer myself up with a good and positive attitude.
It is funny but people do respond differently when they see positivity hashtag being used in your posts. Such a small thing, but it means a lot to a huge number of people out there.

I would like you to spread the word, us this positive hashtag and make yours or someone else’s day.

Enjoy, stay #POSITIVE and smile when ever you are down; don’t give life opportunity to defeat you yet. 🙂



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