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After spending some time in marketing industry and working in different marketing roles, I have decided to start up new company – Digital Locker.

Digital Locker is Digital Marketing Agency that embraces design and creativity to achieve powerful results for our clients.

It’s a new bread of Digital Marketing Agency and the main focus is on implementing creative strategies that provide each and every one of our clients with honest and tangible results.

Digital Locker - Team - About Us

Digital Locker is young and vibrant company that has been growing rapidly from the beginning, and it consists of a great multi-lingual team from marketing and design backgrounds with the sole purpose of unlocking our locker of digital expertise to help clients grow online.

Our team and company provide diverse range of Marketing and Digital Marketing services, such as:

Digital Locker - Digital Marketing Agency

If you are looking for someone to help you and guide you forward on your digital path, than Digital Locker is the right company for you.

If you would like to learn more about Marketing, Digital World or just see if we could be of assistance to you, check our:

  1. Website –
  2. Blog –
  3. Social media outlets: FacebookTwitterGoogle +LinkedIn
  4. SrdanK Blog –



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