Response Krav Maga Club

Response KM

Official Krav Maga & Self Defence School in Limerick

Limerick Krav Maga School

Response KM is Krav Maga & Self Defence club based in Limerick Martial Arts Academy.

The club was founded as a Non-Profitable organisation in 2013 by Srdan Kovacevic and a group of like-minded people, as an initiative to teach practical self-defense and krav maga to people of all sex and ages in Limerick area.

Response KM Training

Response KM training sessions replicate real life scenarios, which are used to prepare students to react more confidently in difficult and dangerous situations.

The club has a lot to offer to the students:
> Weekly training (all year round)
> Private sessions (1-to-1; Small groups)
> Corporate training (in-house training with company personnel)
> Seminars (mix of different topics and specific training)
> Grading (we offer national and club gradings)
> Training with Top instructors from Europe, Israel and other countries
> Highly recognised certifications and level of training

For more info about the club or just to find out what is Krav Maga, please follow the link:



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