Limerick Krav Maga School

Response KM

Official Krav Maga & Self Defence School in Limerick


Response KM is official Krav Maga & Self Defence Academy, based in Limerick City.

The club was founded in 2013 by Srdan Kovacevic - Sergio, as an initiative to teach practical self-defence to people of all sex and ages in Limerick area.
Response KM training sessions replicate real-life scenarios, which are used to prepare students to react more confidently in difficult and dangerous situations.

The club is part of Combat Krav Maga International, under Lior Offenbach.
Response KM is the main representative of CKMI in Ireland and also one of the founders of Combat Krav Maga Ireland.

As a leading provider of Realistic Self Defence and Krav Maga in Limerick and Munster, Response Krav Maga offers a diversity of training and educational points, such as:
1. Weekly Training (All year around)
2. Private Sessions (1-1 or Small Groups)
3. Corporate Training (In-house self-defence and self-protection training with company personnel)
4. Kids Krav Maga (Specific kids self-defence based training)
5. Seminars (In conjunction with National & international Instructors)
6. Workshops (On specific techniques, topics, drills, etc...)
7. Gradings (We offer gradings and level testing to our members)

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