Is every beginning hard?

Is every beginning hard?

After a long time, different jobs and opportunities I have started with new role – Marketing Associate and Events Coordinator with a Start Up company based in Limerick.

Marketing Associate

I had butterfly’s feeling in my stomach that interview morning. Felt bad and not confident enough.
But I decided to come strong and ready for the interviewer so they can throw whatever he/she has at me. I have been prepared but it is not an easy thing when my last proper interview was over a year ago.
It was a great but hard interview with the Co-Founder of the company. The person interviewing me for that position was a lady owner. The interview was face-to-face.


Finished the interview strong, made my case and left happy.

After a phone interview with a second Co-Founder, then time off waiting for them to interview others and decide whom they will take – I got the job on the end of it. 🙂

Like every other start, my one was the same. I felt like I was dropped from the sky to the concrete.
It’s normal feeling when you join the new workplace, because you don’t know anyone and also you have to learn “their way” of dealing with different things.
You have to “almost” forget what you have learned in the other (old) place and get along with the new changes.

Certain things are easy to pick up, but some are not and you have to be flexible and adaptable to the situation. Most important thing is NOT to PISS OFF everyone in your first week.
I know, I know it sounds silly but a good number of people do just that, not intentionally but because they are so nervous and they are trying too hard to fit in.


My advice would be – if you rocked the interview and you got the job, then go with the flow and do your best and show everyone who you are and what you capable of.
Don’t try too hard to fit in, just work hard, do your stuff and enjoy the new position.

That’s exactly what I have said to myself first and I wish the same thing to everyone else.

I know I will give my best to help the company and of course to learn as much as I can and make the company and myself proud.


I hope you will all do the same…



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