Are you listening to your customers?

Plain or Spicy Chicken Roll! Are you listening to your customers? One of the major things that have been bothering me lately is the lack of communication and unpleasant behaviour of certain people in different business industries. My question is – Do you listening to your customers or clients at all? Do you listen to…

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When do you Quit?

The question I have been asked a good few times by different people on different occasions is – When do you Quit?!

My answer is simple – NEVER.

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Importance of staying in touch

Importance of staying in touch… How often do you contact your “connections”? I always try to stay in touch with all my friends and connections, but it is very easy to lose yourself in the vast sea of communication tools today… There are so many different options that we can use to contact our peers:…

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Do it as you Mean it…

Do it as You Mean it “Do it as you Mean it, or Don’t do it at All” are the words that I have been using in my life and made myself a better person. I don’t mean to be a SMART ass, but most of the time in my life I have seen people…

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