Self Defence Class in Limerick City

Why take up Self Defence Class? I am usually asked by my friends and people that know me what is that “thing” I am training? When I say Krav Maga, people look at me like I am mad. If they can’t pronounce it straight away it is something “bad” or “ok-ish”… Soon as I say…

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Good Year

Good Year Where should I start?! Hmmm…. As the name of this post says, it was a “Good Year”….:) It was long and hard year in many ways, but still very enjoyable and successful. I have achieved and done a lot. Some of the achievements this year were: > Passed Krav Maga Instructor course On…

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Preparations for “That” Weekend

Preparations for “THAT” weekend The first weekend of December will be one of the hardest, highly intensive and also one of the most important weekends of my life…:) This is the weekend when I will have chance to meet Avi Moyal, Head Instructor of IKMF. Avi Moyal is an Expert and Master of Krav Maga,…

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The end of tunnel

The end of tunnel… I’m happy….Really happy…. After so many months we came to the end of tunnel. That IKMF instructor diploma was in my hands finally. The feeling of achievement, honor and sacrifice that I felt in my gut when I received diploma from Tamir Gilad was unbelievable. The last strike, last drill, last push-up and…

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IKMF Instructor Course

IKMF Instructor Course After almost 5 years of continuous training and practicing Krav Maga, I’ve decided to progress further and do Krav Maga Instructor Course with IKMF and Institute of Krav Maga Ireland. International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) is the original and most veteran Krav Maga organization. Deployed and active in over 40 countries worldwide, IKMF declares…

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