Kids Krav Maga in Limerick

Response Krav Maga Kids Class

Krav Maga is for Everyone

Kids Krav Maga Limerick


Due to many emails and requests from our friends and parents who are considered about their kid’s safety, I have decided to put together a Kids Krav Maga class with Response KMย in Limerick city.

After many years of teaching and educating adults in Self Defence & Krav Maga, we have decided to share our knowledge with kids, too.
We would like to educate them and show them the right way how to deal and what to do if they find themselves in a bad situation.

Boy Bullying 1

Our kids kravย maga class will offer the kid’s who attend the classes possibilityย to learn very effective self-defence and to be more confident and safe.
The elements we will cover during our classes and the stuff kids will learn are:
1. Say NO to strangers
2. How to defend themselves
3. Avoid & Stand up to bullying
4. Walk away from trouble

Besides the mentioned elements above, we will also work intensely with our kids on improving their coordination and fitness during our classes.







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