Why em I always step behind

Why em I always step behind?

Lagging Behind Others

Do you ever feel like you are step behind others all the time…?

Hmmm, that is exactly how I am feeling right now…

Why I am asking this question?

You can have tons of experience but companies are looking for qualifications.
Or the reverse – you can have all of the qualifications but then companies are looking for experience.

“It would be funny if it is not truth”…

How to battle these situations? I really don’t know…

I have worked as soon as I came to Ireland and I would be the first one to never sign up on the Social Welfare.
I have worked in different industries through last 13 plus years here, from Restaurant, Hotel and Sports to Retail and Security industry.
The knowledge and experience I have in these industries is pretty high, but to progress or find a better job in the same industry even with a good knowledge and experience was tough, if you didn’t had qualifications (education or certification) for that specific field.
Usually when you attend the interviews before, answer would be like this – “we see that your knowledge is great and you have a good experience in the industry, you would be a wonderful addition to the company but we are looking for someone with qualifications

Back then it didn’t matter if that person had any clue about the field but they had a “qualification”, so that was enough and they were a “right candidate” straight away…

Then a “horrific” 2008 came to Ireland and I was in that same unfortunate group of people who lost their jobs, due to some “qualified” idiots and bankers who run the country to the ground.
My “bad luck” streak started and I am still fighting it.
When I lost my job I had to sign, like most of people in Limerick area, to Social Welfare.
The thing I was running away from all the time caught up with me and I was stuck as many others on “benefits”.

The only decision that I had was to go back to school and try to become “qualified” in Business and Marketing field, as I had previous experience working with clients, in sales and very traditional approach to marketing.

I have chosen Marketing, because I have great passion towards the field and especially Social Media and Client Interaction.
Love the way you can use marketing for everything, and if you are good at it (or persistent) you can make anything or anyone – “something special”.
After passing my college without any fails or repetitions and becoming qualified with certain amount of knowledge in the Marketing field and some good “close experience” in background, now it is even harder to find a job.

Why is that?
Because today everything is on the net or it is digital, so companies are looking for people with “Digital Marketing” degrees or qualifications and experience with Digital marketing background.

So the Business and Marketing degree I have done with University of Limerick has almost no meaning… Funny, I know…

I have been looking for Marketing and Clients based roles, but it is hard to find it because I don’t have the Digital Marketing qualification. Even though I have a plenty of experience on the side dealing with Social Media, Digital Marketing, SEO and Client Interaction through Inbound Marketing, helping certain sport clubs and friends in Limerick area on their promotion and gaining new members and followers.

Now when I apply for the jobs, I get very similar answer as before… 🙂

What to do now…?

Chase the Digital Marketing certification or look for new job and passion? Hmm…

Strong Words

The fight to be in the same step as others and not falling behind continues…
It is like Rocky or Star Wars saga… 🙂

I would love to hear others if they had same experience as I did and what did they do to overcome these obstacles or did they gave up and continue chasing some other dreams and opportunities?!




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