Importance of staying in touch

Importance of staying in touch…


How often do you contact your “connections”?

I always try to stay in touch with all my friends and connections, but it is very easy to lose yourself in the vast sea of communication tools today…

There are so many different options that we can use to contact our peers:
E-mails, Phones, Messaging, Social Media, different Online platforms, etc.

It seems that we are more and more distancing ourselves from our friends and connections then getting closer to them just because there are so many different options.
Sounds familiar? 🙂

Connection Channles

I find myself in the same turmoil from time to time, when I need to contact someone.
Should I use the phone, the message, e-mail or social media?
Are they Online or not?
Will they see my message on time?
And which tool should I use or check first when I am expecting their answer…
Hmm… Confusing…

Today if person is not “connected” enough, doesn’t have all of the social media outlets set up, is seen or marked as strange person. It is funny but it is truth.
Even after setting up all the “accounts” and running them, do we use those tools correctly and why we spend more time “thinking about contacting” our peers instead of just contacting them?

Why is it so hard to make contact today? Are people too busy? Or we are forgetting the value of having a good connections and people around ourselves?

Human Interaction

To be honest I don’t have the answer to all these questions.
I know I make the same mistakes from time to time, but I am trying to improve and talk more to my friends, call or connect with my family and of course keep an eye that my “business” connections don’t suffer, too.

As I mentioned earlier, it is easy to lose yourself with all the available channels.
But try to spend less time on arranging those channels and thinking more how you will contact someone and just go and do it.
People will appreciate your call, a message or an e-mail.
They are probably same as yourself lost and are doing the same mistake as you do, thinking too much about contacting or contacting very rarely.

So be the change that we all need, be the first that will pick up that phone, send the message or an e-mail, or even send a letter to someone who is far away and would love more than anything just to hear how are you?!


Be that change and stay connected with your friends, family and others who really appreciate you and what you have to offer….




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