Mental Strength in Training and Real Life

Mental Strength in Training and Real Life

Mental S. 2

Different trainings require different mental state, or emotional state of mind required to achieve the set goals during the trainings.
Mentality can be delicate matter when it comes to training in General.

I have been asked many times how can someone achieve or learn how to correctly use that specific set of mind for required trainings.
As I stated in my opening line, different trainings require different state of mind.
So you have to learn yourself or pick it up from your training partners and trainers.

But this can be complicated, too.
If your training partner or a Trainer has a less positive mind set towards the training and life itself, you could also pick that mind set, too.
But on the other side if your partner or a Trainer has a very good and positive mind set towards the trainings and life you will pick that, too.

When I train in the gym my mind set is completely different to my mind set when I do Krav Maga or any Fighting training.
That’s because my mind set works with different thoughts and ideas in my head during the specific training routines.
If I am doing Strength and Conditioning, I know I have to use a good technique and of course strength to achieve my goals.
But when I train Krav Maga and Self Defence, I know that beside a good technique I also have to use a lot of controlled aggression and certain amount of violence if I want to achieve my training goals.
I hope you can understand my point.

Mental S. 1
I approach my life the same way as my training.
If you want to achieve something you have to be focused, work hard and of course have a bit of luck on your side, too. 🙂

Don’t be afraid to try and not-succeed.
Sometimes we need a bit of “down time”, because after that we come even stronger and with a better and more positive attitude or mind set.
Work on your mental side every day. Challenge yourself and don’t be afraid.
If you don’t succeed the first time, there is always a next time.

Mental S. 3
Use the power of your thoughts to improve your mental state, and to make yourself a better and stronger person who is not afraid. Try always to have a “right stuff” or right mind set for whatever you planning to do.

Do Well, Stay Safe and Be Strong




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