Self Defence Class in Limerick City

Why take up Self Defence Class?

RKM - Training 1

I am usually asked by my friends and people that know me what is that “thing” I am training?

When I say Krav Maga, people look at me like I am mad.
If they can’t pronounce it straight away it is something “bad” or “ok-ish”…
Soon as I say it is Self Defence system their understanding changes and they are like – OK that’s not bad; well done and all the rest of good compliments that follow.

Still talking to people I usually ask them why they don’t invest in themselves and learn some Martial Arts or Self Defence system. You never know when you will need it.
I am saying this, because I have people coming to me and saying that they were in bad situations and didn’t know what to do. Of course their biggest mistake is that they didn’t know how to defend themselves.
After being in violent situation people are looking for some kind of help, but it is a bit too late.

Being ThreatningSo why take up Self Defence so late?
Are those pints in the pub more important, or those expensive shoes and dress? I have heard load of different excuses about why not picking up some martial art or self defence training. To be honest most of them were pretty ridicules.

Limerick city as every other European city can be nice and beautiful, but can also be very bad and dangerous place.
In town we have so many different Martial Art centres, some great trainers and people who will invest their time to teach you something but on the end of the day it is all up to you.

Our club, Response Krav Maga, is one of the main Krav Maga and Self Defence training centres in Limerick city. We teach realistic self defence to everyone.
I always say, if you want to see what is all about call down and try.
Don’t be shy; we don’t bite till we need to… 
To check our club, please follow this link –

To all good people out there reading this article go and invest in yourself, learn something that could save your life one day.
It is always better to know it and never use it, then not knowing it and need it.

“So that one may walk in peace” – Imi Lichtenfeld




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