Preparations for “That” Weekend

Preparations for “THAT” weekend

The first weekend of December will be one of the hardest, highly intensive and also one of the most important weekends of my life…:)

This is the weekend when I will have chance to meet Avi Moyal, Head Instructor of IKMF.

Avi Moyal

Avi Moyal is an Expert and Master of Krav Maga, also a first person (Chairperson and Head Instructor) of International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF). Avi has been involved with Krav Maga from his childhood and been teaching Krav Maga for more than 30 years.
Avi is coming to Dublin for 3 day event where IKMF AGM, instructor training, update and grading will be done with open “Multiple Attacker” seminar on the end to conclude the weekend.


Avi Moyal - Instructor Update - PosterInstructor UPDATE, TRAINING and Grading under Master Avi Moyal.





Avi Moyal - Multiple Attackers Seminar - Poster


“Multiple Attackers” Seminar which will be held by Avi Moyal.




This will be a great event for the Irish branch of IKMF and also great opportunity to all Krav Maga practitioners and trainers in Ireland to train with one the best Krav Maga masters in world.

KM Instructor Course 6IKMF is Krav Maga organisation I am connected to and also I would be part of Irish IKMF Instructor team and one of the main representatives of IKMF in Limerick, Munster and Ireland.




Srdan KovacevicMe in my happy surrounding – training, teaching and educating people how defend themselves from others who want’s to hurt them….






Irish IKMF Instrucotr Team (Color Pic)Irish IKMF Instructor Team

Irish IKMF team is made of great Instructors, such as (L-R):
Jim Ryan, Paul Gardiner, Eddie Gavin, Paul Duffy, Srdan Kovacevic and Pat Barry. Also not in the picture is Matt Comerford.






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