The pursuit of My happiness

The Pursuit of My happiness 

Happiness 1

“To many people said I couldn’t do it”.

Not because they thought I wasn’t smart enough or that I was just stupid, it was due to their jealousy and them failing even before they tried.

YES, I came to this country as foreigner long time ago with not a great English. That didn’t stop me, it made me even more hungrier for that bit of success. I wanted to show to those that doubted in me and wished me bad things, that I can and I will do it and finish everything without any problems or mistakes. Year by year passed but Srdan was going even better and stronger each year. I wanted to prove myself that I can do it, so I can say to my kids one day: “if daddy could do it, you can do it, too”.

Many times in my life I was tested by the “All Mighty”, and each time I kept my teeth clinched and had sour smile on my face while continued fighting it. You couldn’t back down or retreated, you had to go only forward till the end.

The words which  Will Smith said in the movie “The Pursuit of the Happiness” , always reminded me of my own father who told me that you cant sit down and complain, if you want something you have to go out there and get it.


Four years passed and YES, yet again I have succeeded and finished my college. I have gained lot of knowledge and picked up some good experience and connections through those wonderful years. My reward for the end a great Bachelor of Business degree from University of Limerick.

I dedicated my degree to one person that meant everything to me – my father – Milan Kovacevic.

Milan Kovacevic

I miss him every day, but I know he would be very proud of me and my achievement.

Degree is here, now the Job hunt is next and new frontiers and possibility are just expanding in front of us.

Don’t forget, if you want something go and get it. Period. 🙂




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