The end of tunnel

The end of tunnel…

Three Musketeers

I’m happy….Really happy….

After so many months we came to the end of tunnel. That IKMF instructor diploma was in my hands finally. The feeling of achievement, honor and sacrifice that I felt in my gut when I received diploma from Tamir Gilad was unbelievable.

The last strike, last drill, last push-up and then came Victory. 🙂

Tamir and Me

Tamir Gilad is Expert level 4, Krav Maga instructor and Head of Law & Enforcement training division of IKMF.
Beside all of those fancy things that he represents and is, Tamir is a nice and hard guy, who takes pride in what he does. There are no mushy-washy things with him. He is open and really honest fella. If you are making mistakes he will let you know and you will feel it, but he is also forgivable person who is willing to help, explain and show you at the same time.

I can only say I am happy and honored to be tested by him and that I had time to spend training with him for the last weekend of my Instructor course.

6 months passed, 3 different instructors and hours of training and continuous assessment by them was hard but well worth it. It’s nice to be part of something bigger – IKMF Family.

Now we turn to the future, where being IKMF representative and part of IKMF Ireland family is something that makes me happy and proud.

As Imi once said: “So that one may walk in peace”




6 thoughts on “The end of tunnel

    • Hi Tatiana,
      You are more then welcome to call down and try, every Wednesday…
      My apologies for a late replay, but you could see on face that I was very busy with exams in my 4 year and with setting up the club and the rest of it..
      Best regards,

    • Thanks Tatiana and to whole MyClasses team…
      Best regards from Srdan and all of us in Response KM…
      You are more then welcome to call down and try any time…;)

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