Do it as you Mean it…

Do it as You Mean it


“Do it as you Mean it, or Don’t do it at All” are the words that I have been using in my life and made myself a better person.

I don’t mean to be a SMART ass, but most of the time in my life I have seen people doing things just for the sake of it. That shouldn’t be the case. If you are doing something do it as you mean it and as it should be done.
There are different “meanings” that I would like to explain here in this post.


The first “Do It” would be do it now.
Example would be when you ask a person to do something and they say “give me a minute” or “latter on”. I go mad when I hear those words. If I asked you to do something why can’t you do it straight away or right “now”. Not latter on, in a while or whatever. Certain things can’t wait and they should be addressed straight away, not in a few minutes. People are getting too lazy and it is hard for them to do it, so they have found excuse like “I will do it in a minute” to make it easy for themselves.
Don’t be like that, work on it and improve yourself.

images (1)

The second “Do It” would be a simple repetition/routine.
The meaning of this is that certain things are done in a certain ways. Why there is always “the one” that comes and disturbs the process which works for everyone else? The example of that would be a simple gym routine. You know where and how the weights should be placed in the gym and then you have a person that comes around and put’s it to another location, not where they fund it.

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The third “Do It” would be that you mean it.
Don’t do things in your life because somebody said that you should do it. Don’t do stuff because of the sake of it. If you are doing something do it with certain meaning. Everything in the life should have a meaning – “There are NO accidents”

I am not a big fan of shortcuts and easy ways to achieve something. For almost everything in my life I had to work hard to earn it. There was nothing on a “silver platter” laid in-front of me just to grab it; I had to work for it. Today people find everything hard and not achievable, just because they are getting way too lazy.
That’s why do things they way they should be done. Don’t cut the corners and do things just to be done.




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