The Snatch Exam

The Snatch Exam

The name of the post say’s it all.

As I mentioned in one of the last posts, I decided to do a Kettlebell Instructor course with Shane Nicoletti and KB Ireland. I attended the first part of the seminar in Dublin couple months ago, where we been thought the correct techniques and right attitude towards the kettlebell training.
We have been continuously assessed by Shane during the course, learned how to use and teach others kettlebell techniques, prepare training programs and do our first part of test. Test included our ability to work with clients and teach them kettlebell techniques, also we had to perform certain techniques in front of the judging panel. It was a tough but great first part of the course.
Then we have been sent home to work with clients, write down a report of the training sessions, train and prepare our selves for the final “Snatch” exam.
When time for the second part of the course came, I have to say, I was bit nervous. Didn’t know what to expect out of the whole thing and  was wondering em I ready?
I know I trained hard and worked on my technique, but you know that feeling in your gut, that “butterfly” feeling before important performance. 🙂
I came, met the guys (lads that you can see on the main picture > LR Me, Shane, Conor, Rob), prepared and went to perform first. I don’t know why, but for me it is easier to break ice and be the first to do it, then sit and wait.
I executed my 80 snatches with 20kg kettlebell in 3 min 38 sec. I would say, not to bad at all.
Then it comes that feeling of relief and pride….. I DONE IT….:)

Moved to the side, waited few more minutes for the other two lads to finish it, and then celebrate it with them. We all passed the test and qualified as Strength & Conditioning Kettlebell Instructors. It was a great day, full of joy and happiness.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sane Nicoletti and Kettlebell Ireland on giving me chance to do the course and qualify in something that i truly came to love a lot and be a part of kettlebell family.




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