IKMF Instructor Course

IKMF Instructor Course

After almost 5 years of continuous training and practicing Krav Maga, I’ve decided to progress further and do Krav Maga Instructor Course with IKMF and Institute of Krav Maga Ireland.

International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF) is the original and most veteran Krav Maga organization.
Deployed and active in over 40 countries worldwide, IKMF declares its main goal to distribute Krav Maga to all sectors of society, always maintaining a strong sense of family and close ties between its international members.

IKMF is lead by chairman and head instructor Master Avi Moyal and represented by the highest ranking Kravmaga experts in the world, known as the Global Instructor Team (GIT).
If you want to find out more about the organisation follow this link:
Institute of Krav Maga Ireland is an official representative of the International Krav Maga Federation in Ireland.
They are based in Cork and looking to expand through out Republic of Ireland.
The Director of IKMF for Ireland Artur Dziadkowiec organised first official IKMF Civilian Instructor Course in Ireland.
Instructor course was organised in 6 parts with the duration of one weekend per each month.
If you want to find out more about the Institute of Krav Maga Ireland follow this link:
Just went through my first part of the 6 weeks of HELL. It was interested but hard. Very hard.
This weekend we had a pleasure meeting Israel Cohen, an Expert Level Krav Maga Instructor from Israel. Israel conducted the introduction to the course and worked with us closely thought the whole weekend. There was 6 of us doing the course.
When I say he worked with us, I mean he worked us like mad. We’v been running, fighting and putting through tough mental and physical workouts till the point of puking and total exhaust.  But I LOVED IT every minute of it.
It was pleasure doing it and spending great deal of time with all of the lads. It was a great experience and my knowledge curve of how to prepare my self for the next weekend of pain and torture…;)
I would like to thank Artur, Israel and all of the lads on a great weekend.
Will see them all in few weeks time…

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