The “D” day…

The “D” Day

D-Day of my COOP.

Today is my D-Day, the day I am finishing my university COOP with a great IT company.
It was a wonderful 6 months of my life. Now it is time for me to leave…

The course I am doing is Bachelor of Business and Marketing in University of Limerick.
During your 4 years in the college, you have to do a working or coop semester outside the university. That’s how I got my coop with an IT company in Ennis, Co. Clare.
Company is called Tierneys Office Automation. It is an IT company that supplies and maintain Hardware and Software products, mainly to Hotels and Restaurants, but they also do for SME’s, too.
My job in the company was to improve the marketing department and work closely with my colleague Mary. Two of us worked on different marketing and sales projects, also we worked on establishing the Tierneys as one of the main IT suppliers and IT solutions specialists in Ireland.
Tierneys motto: “Tierneys Stress Free IT Solutions”
Our daily routine was to keep webpage up-to-date, work on the blog, contact previous and future customers and also work on different other jobs.
Tierneys webpage
Tierneys blog

I came here as marketing student, fresh and green as we say. Learned so much and picked up some good tips and ideas from people that I worked with in the company.
This experience helped me to change my own views on implementing social media and improving other marketing points in my daily routines and life in general. I will be thankful to Tierneys for giving me this opportunity and experience that I got working for them.

This picture can explain how I feel right now leaving this place.
“I am ready for what ever is waiting for me around the corner”




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