Preparation before the Performance

Preparation before the Performance

There are many ways to explain Preparation.

If you Google it, these are the answers you will come up with:

  1. The action of making ready or being made ready for use.
  2. Something done to get ready for an event or undertaking.

Those are a correct meanings of the word preparation. But I am not talking about that here. I would like to concentrate more towards that feeling, that everyone has while they are getting prepared. It doesn’t matter what you are preparing for, that feeling is always there.

You know what feeling I am talking about. 😉
That feeling of uncertainty, bit of sickness and questions that you would always put in front of your self while getting prepared:
> Am I late? Am I wrong doing it? Am I  going to be on time? Am I going to perform good; and the hardest one Will I Succeed?






While all that stuff passes through your head are you still determent to continue with your preparation?

I had the same thing happening to me last few weeks while I have been preparing for my Kettlebell Instructor course that should be next weekend.
I don’t want to Give Up now, when I am so close to my goal. But all those questions and that feeling are surrounding me right now, and I really don’t know how to get rid of it.
The journey started good few years ago when I saw and touched kettlebell for the first time. I was only a young fella then and wasn’t a big fan of them. I’ve been even repulsed by them for a while.
In the mean time for my training’s I used normal barbells and other usual training equipment. Then 2 years ago, I was introduced again with kettlebells through a friend of mine. Oliver was my Krav Maga trainer and good friend of mine who shared his knowledge about kettlebells with me. So we start using them for our warm-ups and other conditioning exercises in the training’s.
After that i just fell in love with kettlebells…;)

While I was writing this my boss confirmed my day off, I paid my booking fee, contacted the instructor and I am ready now for the next weekend.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, and wish me good luck.
Will keep you posted how did it go.




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