Keep Practicing

Keep Practicing 

Came upon a good article where author explained why you should always practice and not give up easily.
It made me so intrigued and I asked my self do I practice regularly and do I give up easily?

I really liked this poster when I saw it, so had to share it…
It is a Martial Art poster, but it could be implemented for anything that we do or should be doing it.
To achieve the greatness and be good in what you doing, you have to practice all the time.
It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, doctor or martial artist you have to practice all the time to be the best.

So thinking away it made me realized that I am good practitioner in what ever I do and I don’t give up that easily.
I would think of my self as a fighter in every sense of that word. I love competing and being the best in what I do. To achieve that I have to practice all the time.

I will be rising this question with my friends and family, to see if I could get their answers. Also I would love to see if they practice, what ever they do regularly, and do they give up easily?

If you are reading this, please ask your self:

> Am I a good Practitioner of my business, am I a good Achiever and do I give up Easily?

Remember – To be the Best and to Achieve a lot, you must never Give Up up Easily and “Keep Practicing”.




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