Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Day started like every other…

Woke up, got my self sorted for work, dressed up and left the house..
In the car on my way I was listening to a radio presenter chatting away about Friday the 13th, the day of “Bad Luck” and day when “Horrific Things” might happen to us…:))
Changed to another radio station, same thing… Just gave up, and continued to listen the peoples experiences on this specific day. I couldn’t believe how many people believe in that.

Honestly I don’t know.
I am not skeptic or a big believer, and I think if something bad will happen to us it can happen any day, at any moment in our lives.

But every year on the Friday 13th we have some mad and strange people coming to my work (I work as a bouncer/doorman).
I really don’t know if there is something in the air on that day or what, but people behave strange and weird.
So normal person should asked them self, is all this true or just a fiction in our heads…:)))

If you read this, please let me know with your own opinions about this matter…

   By then, boo hhhuuuu huuuu … ;)))))




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